Saturday, July 14, 2007

Conservative and Libertarian Journals with On-Line Access

For those who want to read further conservative, libertarian or objectivist thinking about current events, here is a list of English-language print journals, including those with on-line access.

The degree of access may be restricted in various ways, but is usually complete. Some of these publications are available directly via their own website, and others are available via one or both of two on-line journal access portals, FindArticles, and AccessMyLibrary. (The latter will require you to enter the name of your local public library and your zip code. Contact me if you cannot do this because you live someplace without a library and/or a zip code.)

If anyone finds anything wrong with any of these links, please tell me via a personal comment.

If anyone can add to this list, or suggest a more informative comment for one or more of the journals, please do so.

This list is a first draft of part of a website I am working on. Additional lists, of annotated links to conservative and libertarian blogs and websites, and of the liberal/Left counterpart of this list, may be available in the near future.


Academic Questions Journal of the conservative National Association of Scholars. Documents the soul sickness of American higher education.

American Conservative Pat Buchanan's 'paleocon' magazine. (Some articles are available on line.)

American Enterprise Published by the American Enterprise Institute. Now defunct, replaced by The American.

American Spectator No free on-line access at the moment. Commentary on American politics.

American Interest No free access. The Fukayama anti-neocon split from The National Interest. Foreign policy.


Cato Journal Public policy from a libertarian perspective.

The Chesterton Review "Edited by Ian Boyd, the Review is devoted to exploring the life and work of one of the twentieth century's most original thinkers—G.K. Chesterton. Past issues have also explored the work of writers like C.S. Lewis, Christopher Dawson, Charles Dickens, and George Grant, who share something of the Chestertonian romance with “orthodoxy.” Elegantly produced, The Chesterton Review is one of the most prestigious literary and cultural journal published today. Mailed every summer and winter season, each Review is illustrated with period photos and published at 300 pages."

Chronicles of American Culture. Roughly Paleocon, but has its own take on events.

City Journal. Published by the Manhattan Institute. Mainly articles on social policy.

Claremont Review of Books. The conservative answer to the New York Review of Books. Excellent, high-level book reviews and review-essays.

Commentary. Neo-con, serious articles on a variety of issues. Also available via AccessMyLibrary.


Education Next or via AccessMyLibrary. Published by the Hoover Institution. Deals with K-12 education.

Faith & Reason "Now in its third decade, the quarterly Faith & Reason offers scholarly enquiry grounded in tradition, specifically one informed by a Catholic consideration of the liberal arts and the relationship between faith, reason, and culture. Each issue normally features three essays, a new translation from Greek, Latin, or modern languages, and a selection of book reviews."

First Things. Conservative theologians. High quality articles and debates on issues from a Christian perspective.

Free Market. Published by the Von Mises Institute.

The Freeman. Published by the libertarian Foundation for Economic Education. Articles on economics and social policy, from a consistently libertarian viewpoint.


Hoover Digest
. A publication of the Hoover Institution. Articles on domestic and foreign issues.

Human Events. Conservative. No back issues online, but you can find articles grouped by topic.

"The Intellectual Activist is especially dedicated to understanding and promoting the revolutionary ideas of the 20th-century novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand — the great champion of the power of reason, the supreme value of the individual, and the unfettered liberty of a capitalist society."

Imprimus. Monthly missive from Hillsdale College, usually a reprint of a speech made by an invited conservative thinker.


Independent Review. Libertarian.

Intercollegiate Review. High Conservatism from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Journal of Libertarian Studies. Published by the Von Mises Institute.

Journal of Markets and Morality
. Another Acton Institute publication, "the journal promotes intellectual exploration of the relationship between economics and morality from both social science and theological perspectives."


Liberty. Independent libertarians. Often critical of the Libertarian Party.

Modern Age. Burke and Kirk conservatism, at a high level. Also available via AccessMyLibrary, and via FindArticles.


National Interest. Neo-con (more or less) foreign policy magazine, whose home page is here.

National Review. The Flagship. Also available via FindArticles and AccessMyLibrary.

National Right to Life Journal. Anti-abortion activists.

New American. The magazine of the John Birch Society. It can also be accessed here.

The New Atlantis. Science and Technology from a conservative perspective.

New Criterion. Aesthetics and appreciation of civilization. Also available via AccessMyLibrary.

"Ten times a year, The New Individualist challenges both the cultural left and cultural right, applying the Objectivist philosophy of principled individualism to hot cultural and political issues."

The Objective Standard is a relatively new Randian publication, whose self-description says it is "a quarterly journal of culture and politics based on the idea that for every human concern—from personal matters to foreign policy, from the sciences to the arts, from education to legislation—there are demonstrably objective standards by reference to which we can assess what is true or false, good or bad, right or wrong."


Policy Review. General articles about political questions, published by the Hoover Institute. Also available via AccessMyLibrary.

The Political Science Reviewer " is a beacon in the often-murky world of professional political science journals. Unencumbered by any of the reigning orthodoxies, the PSR welcomes the evidence of empirical study, but upholds the primacy of theoretical understanding. The PSR is an annual journal featuring essay-length reviews of classic and contemporary studies in law and politics, as well as examinations of leading political science textbooks. Each review provides in-depth evaluation without a narrow, over-specialized focus."

The Public Interest. The neo-con social policy review. This ceased publishing two years ago, after forty years, but all the back issues are available, and they contain much excellent material. Available via FindArticles and AccessMyLibrary.

Quadrant Australian journal of culture and politics, from a conservative viewpoint.

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Published by the Von Mises Institute.


Reason. Moderate libertarians. Also available via AccessMyLibrary.

Religion & Liberty
. An Acton Institute publication which seeks to explorer the intersection between religion, free markets, and liberty.

Right Now!. British publication which has just ceased publishing, being replaced by Quarterly Review.

Salisbury Review. High Tory British conservative journal. Some articles available on line.

Spectator. British weekly magazine, with articles on culture and current events, from a generally conservative viewpoint. Some online articles available. Also available via AccessMyLibrary.

Studies in Burke and His Time " founded by Peter J. Stanlis, is an annual publication emphasizing all aspects of Edmund Burke's thought, life, and influence. Other major figures of his time, such as David Hume, Rousseau, Samuel Johnson, Adam Smith, are considered, especially as they relate to the study of Burke, but also in their own right. Also, comparative essays on Burke and more recent political philosophers, such as Strauss, Hayek, Oakeshott, Voegelin, and Maritain, are included."


University Bookman, published by the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, "Reviewing Books that Build Culture", "Founded by Russell Kirk in 1960 and currently edited by Gerald J. Russello, The University Bookman is the flagship journal of the Russell Kirk Center and one of America’s premier reviewer publications. In its pages, readers find thoughtful assessments of leading books and authors written by some of today’s most gifted conservative minds."

Weekly Standard. The main neo-conservative journal.