Thursday, June 18, 2009

What the Right needs ...

... among other things, is a well-organized, easy-to-use website which could serve as a portal to the best that has been and is being said by conservatives and libertarians today.

We need someplace we can go when we want to find out about issues like Education, Iraq, American history, Academia, crime, the economic crisis, welfare, the environment, race, etc.

It would hold annotated reading lists, survey essays covering the most important issue of the day, and annotated links to other useful sites.

It needs to be a catholic (small c) site, embracing all strands of reasonable conservatism and libertarianism; kept up to date; maintained with editorial oversight so that users' time is not wasted being directed to third-rate or crank sites. The purpose of the site would not be advocacy on behalf of some particular political tendency, but the provision of information.

A student who has been assigned an anti-American textbook to read, should be able to come to this site and find it reviewed and refuted. Someone wanting to find out if the welfare state really works in Sweden, should be able to find links to sites which show the reality. Someone researching whether the "three strikes and you're out" law has worked, should be able to find the truth.

It's not a job for just one person, although only one person can take ultimate responsibility.

The kind of people needed are (1) techies; (2) amateur intellectuals, the sort of people who read a lot and can sift out the dross when compiling, for example, a reading list on Chile; and people with energy and time, who can undertake some routine tasks from time to time involving the internet.

If you think you might like to collaborate in creating such a site, contact me at Doug1943 a t

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Any word on if a site like that has been more developed?

Certainly, I know we have Conservopedia and Townhall and what have you. But a giant compendium? No. Sadly...